Friday, May 1, 2009

East Coast Tour – April 29, 2009

After a great visit with Marie, we were rested and ready to resume our journey south, aiming to get the hell out of NY before the end of the day. Paul - guess we'll have to meet up with you in Providence on our way back! :-)

We had a great day of riding logging about 210 miles. Took a very scenic route...Rt 22, hopping on 90 for a couple exits until we reached the Taconic Parkway which ran parallel to the Catskills. Gorgeous mountain views! Added bonus - this road is closed to commercial vehicles and we went miles without any other vehicles in sight. We picked up Rt 44 crossing the Hudson river in Poughkeepsie NY. Once over the bridge, Rt 44 had a lot of twistees. Ron - you were right, when we hit the twistees, Shar hit her stride and I was a blur in her mirrors. Upon entering PA, we rode along the Delaware Water Gap (Rt 209) - another great riding road.

We ended our day in Mt. Pocono PA. It was late, it was cold, and we were tired, hungry, and thirsty. We knew the moment we walked into the lobby of the first hotel, we weren't staying. Ultimately we landed at the Quality Inn (NOT!), part of the Choice Hotel chain. We think the reason they chose the name "Choice Hotels" is because they put them in areas where there are no other choices. ;-)

Luckily the hotel was located right next door to the only really nice restaurant in town - Bailey's Steakhouse.

Thanks for posting comments – we’re getting a kick out of them. Marie mentioned that some folks have been having trouble posting comments. Paul/Mary/Amie/Jim – any guidance or suggestions on how to post comments?


Cin & Shar

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    Like Jim said - set up a gmail acct first then open the blog and choose "Comment As.."and select your gmail name the "Post Comment" and enter the spam filter code (wiggly letters) in the box above. Hope this helps. The gmail acct is the biggie. The rest is fairly straight fwd.