Wednesday, April 29, 2009

East Coast Tour - 4/29/09

Well we are 5 days into our trip and so far it's been more of a New England tour.

On our way to Gettysberg, PA, about 15 minutes after we left Fishkill, NY, Shar's neck and shoulder pain was was so intense that we decided to head north towards home.

We rode north through the western part of CT and MA landing at the Paradise Inn...a great little bed and breakfast in Stephentown NY. Actually this is the home of one of our VBF's, Marie.

Monday night started with a couple of Beck's on her deck overlooking the Bershire Hills. We then headed to dinner at a favorite haunt...the Olde Forge restaurant famous for it's chicken wings and extensive beer selection. Marie and Cin ended the evening au natural in the hot tub...surprise, surprise!!!

Marie decided to take the day off. It was great catching and spending time with her. Lunch at the Adirondack Grill followed by Marie's favorite past time - shopping! What were we shopping for? Riding lawn purchases today but lots of information. Shar and Cin now know more about riding mowers than they ever wanted to know.

Shar has rested her neck and shoulder and we have decided to resume our journey heading south this morning (minus two large bag of gear we are leaving behind). Going from a high of 92 yesterday to 65 today. Guess we will keep our cold weather gear handy today.

Marie - many thanks again for all the hospitality! It was great to see you!


P.S. Keep an eye towards the current weather icon as to where we are. We tend update that before the actual blog postings.

Club Cadet or John Deere - SO MANY CHOICES!!!

Ginger (calico) and Skipper - Buoy and Keeley's sister and brother (Marie's kids)


  1. You are certainly off to an interesting start! Am really enjoying reading the updates. I had no idea it would be so exciting so quickly! Hope things are improving and that you are safely on the way continuing the tour! Marykins

  2. Wow! New York in 5 days!
    You girls are amazing!!

  3. Hey maybe we'll run into you in Providence (given enough time!!) nyuk nyuk