Wednesday, May 20, 2009

East Coast Tour - May 19, 2009

We didn't get the best start today - Shar woke around 5:30 am with the start of a migraine. After some tea, breakfast and additional rest, we finally departed New Bern around 11:00 am.

To be honest with y'all (yes we've spent enough time in the south to be able to adopt the yankee version of the southern dialect), this was without a doubt the most challenging day (physically and mentally) we've had on the road so far.

In addition to Shar not feeling her best, there were 25-30 mph winds and significant crosswinds all day. From the rear, Shar looked like a drunken sailor as the force of the wind moved her from one side of the road to the other. This was one day that having the heavier bike paid off.

When we stopped at the visitor center in Columbia NC and realized our choices were a) two dated motels where the fisherman stay, b) turn around and drive over 100 miles back to the nearest populated area, or c) continue to the outer banks approximately 45 miles ahead. Of course moving forward also meant going over three bridges totalling 9 miles (two from Columbia to Roanoke's Island and one from Roanoke's Island to Nags Head) with major crosswinds. We chose to get to the outer banks. There was no turning back for these girls!!!

In addition to the winds, shortly after leaving the visitor center, we entered a wildlife sanctuary (aka very remote area) and started seeing warning signs....deer crossing, watch out for bears, followed by red wolf crossing for the next 10 miles. Not sure what we would have done if we had encountered any of our wildlife friends. It was a very narrow road with trees to our left and right and no shoulders to pull off. Bears, deer, wolves oh my! Luckily they were no sightings.

Although it was very much a white knuckled day, we were really glad when we arrived sat out on the balcony watching the ocean and hearing the waves crash into shore. Very peaceful way to end the day!

One additional highlight of the day was stopping in the small town of Washington NC at Landier's for lunch. Landier's is another great find that we just stumled upon. Waterfront restaurant in another community that is trying to refurbish their whole downtown area. Many people walking their dogs or running along the riverfront walkway. A myriad of sailboats, catamarans, houseboats, and powerboats lined the waterways.

Cin & Shar

P.S. At breakfast this morning, we met a father and son who were also on motorcycles. The father bought the son a new bike and they are touring NC as a college graduation gift. They were scheduled to leave yesterday but extended their stay because they were apprehensive about riding over the bridges due to the high winds....babies!

ALSO - Congratulations to Lauren who completed her first AVON walk this past weekend. Chrissy thanks for kitty sitting while Lauren was in Boston.

Love the Ocean!!!

Packs of Pelicans Hovering Over The Ocean - Even They Were Struggling with the Wind!

One Loner In Search of His Buddies!

Kitty Hawk Pier in Front of the Hilton

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  1. Thank you two so much for scouting the entire South out for us. Now we know where to go and more importantly where NOT to go. It's been a while since I posted but I do read regularly. Frankly, I wouldn't mind making the same trip someday.

    Maybe not on a motorcycle...
    ...In a bus like a Rock Star would own.. Yeah that's it!...With a driver - now we're talking. And a cef that the Zagats would envy...Whoa baby - I'm ready to pack my bags!!!
    TTFN - seen u soon