Friday, May 8, 2009

East Coast Tour – May 7, 2009

Awoke to a absolutely gorgeous day....sun was shining, temps in the low 70's with no humidity.

We headed south on Rt 29 with little traffic. We hit Greenboro NC by 10:30 and were on track to be in Charlotte around noon and then hit our final destination Spartanburg SC by 3ish. We'll that was the plan anyway.

We stopped in Salisbury NC at a local BBQ place, "Wink's King of Barbeque". Now Shar was a little skeptical on whether Wink was really the King but after a tasty lunch (Shar-BBQ Chicken and Cin-Chopped BBQ Pork Sandwich), we both agreed that Wink deserved the title. It is by far the best darn BBQ that we have had in the south. Of course, it also is the only BBQ we have had on this trip! :-)

Headed south to Charlotte...that's when things started to go slightly south (no pun intended). I won't say that we got lost because all are routes are "subject to change" but I will say we spent a lot more time exploring Charlotte than we wanted to. At 3 pm our mood and the heat was rising and we finally stopped at a Charlotte gas station to get directions...and you thought only men were the ones that didn't stop for directions. Three and a half hours later, we finally arrived at the Marriott in Spartanburg SC tired, hungry, and parched.

Why the rush to get to Spartanburg SC? Stay tuned......

"Wink's King of BBQ"

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