Monday, May 25, 2009

East Coast Tour - May 25, 2009

Sunday May 25th - Day 31. We left Lancaster, PA with a goal to get to the NY border by end of day.

We were up at 6:30 a.m. and had the bikes packed by 8:30 a.m. - new record for C&S.

Stopped for lunch at Irene & Tom's diner in Port Jarvis, PA... inches from the NY border. Considering it was only midday we decided to return to the “Paradise Inn“ in Stephentown, NY...the initial turning point of our journey. Nine hours and 352 miles later, after dodging hail, thunder, and heavy downpours we arrived to an empty household tired, hungry, and thirsty....the hostess was nowhere to be found. At least there was Becks in the fridge!!!

Upon waking the next morning, we enjoyed coffee and diet cokes on the Paradise Inn deck overlooking beautiful mountain vistas. Then the "CHORE LIST" came out...all 745 tasks broken down by priority order - A's (must do's), B's (should do's), and C (who gives a shit if they ever get done). Holiday? What holiday? Five hours and twenty one seconds later, Shar showed up with icy cold Becks, so Cin and Rie decided the chores were completed for the day. PARADISE is now ready for summer! Let the fun and games begin!!!

Horseshoe competition - Sharie Lynn - clearcut winner, Rie Rie - fierce competitor, Cin - don't give up your day job! Oh wait, you don't have one!

Ended the day with a delicious BBQ....steak, chicken, potatoes, and fresh veggies. It was so good to have a home cooked meal!!

Seriously, it was a great day and we are soooooo glad we spent the last day of our journey with our VBF Marie!

Stayed tuned for one final wrap up entry including "Trip Highlights" and "Trip Lowlights"!

Looking forward to being home and seeing our kitties tomorrow!

Cin & Shar

Is that Lucy Stomping the Grapes???

Paradise Inn is Ready for the Summer Party Season!

Cin & Rie Rie Preparing for American Idol!

Let the Competition Begin!!!

Winner, Winner, Winner!!!

The Ultimate "Party Animals"


  1. Yeah! And they said it couldn't be done! We all had faith however!!!!!