Wednesday, May 6, 2009

East Coast Tour – May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today was the day we finally said "Adios" to Gettysburg. We knew it was time to leave when all the room service servers started calling us by our first names. Actually we really enjoyed Gettysburg but had it not been for the weather we would have hit the road two days ago.

Originally we were headed for Colonial Heights, VA as an interim stop prior to the outer banks. After seeing the weather forecast (yes, more damn rain for the remainder of the week), we opted to head directly south via Rt 15 and then Rt 29 to Charlottesville VA.

This was one of those days that I totally appreciated Sharon's Girl Scout preparedness. Prior to the trip, she insisted that we have the right equipment such as waterproof boots, rain suit, full face helmet etc. She also insisted that this rain gear should be packed on top and easily accessible. So Sharon, I am going to give you your well deserved "I told so" moment. The last hour and a half of our ride was pouring rain but we were smart enough to put gear on before it started raining. Keep in mind this rain gear was on top of four layers of shirts and a leather coat to deal with the cold and the wind. Putting on the rain suit brought back memories of Mom dressing us to play out in the snow...somewhere between the Pillsbury doughboy and the Michelin man. But on the plus side we were both toasty, warm and dry!

Stopped at lunch at Pete’s Park & Eat (interesting place) for a quick sandwich and reserved a room at the Charlottesville Hilton Garden Inn. Good thing we did...only a few rooms left by noon.

When we arrived, we learned that Springsteen ("the Boss") was in town for a "one day only" sold out show. Shar suggested we call the box office since sometimes they release tickets reserved for VIP's last minute. Low and behold ten minutes later we have prime aisle seats no more than twenty feet from the stage. He gave a phenomenal concert playing for 3 hours straight without a break! We wish we had that much energy!!!

Yahoo – crossed the Potomac in MD and hit VA all in one day!!! Total mileage was 196 for the day.


Cin & Shar


  1. I was in C'ville last night too! To bad we didn't get a chance to meet up... Cole really wants to meet his Great Aunt Cindy and Aund Sharon! Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  2. They should move Cinco de Mayo to the fisrt "Saturday" of the month. Not as much fun when it falls on a Monday. So I'm celebrating "el Nueve de Mayo" this year. Stay dry, warm and happy!!