Sunday, May 24, 2009

East Coast Tour - May 23, 2009

Great riding day on Friday. We left Roanoke Rapids, NC and took multiple back roads (RT's 46N, 614N, 609N, 522N) Very scenic roads each with a smile factor of "10"...rolling hills with sweeping curves. Absolutely gorgeous countryside framed with clear skies and light wispy clouds. It reminded Shar of the more rural areas of northern Maine.

We stopped at Namaws Diner in the small town of Amelia, VA for lunch. I opted for the "mini" 1/3 lb burger with all the fixins and a side of turnip greens w/vinegar (excellent). Since majority of the menu was beef and BBQ, Shar opted for one of her staples - turkey and cheese on rye. We had an extremely friendly and innocent waitress who gave us excellent directions as well as the diner phone number to call her if we got lost. Too cute! The diner owner, Jeanne Namaw was apparently well known in her day - the diner walls were covered with personalized autographed photos from the likes of Lucille Ball, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr., Roy Clark, etc. We were two tired "tessabees" when we landed at the Best Western in Culpeper, VA.

Considerably more traffic today (5/23) as went rolled along Rt 15 and Rt 30 from Culpeper, VA through Frederick, MD and Gettysburg, PA, ultimately stopping in Lancaster, PA. After a quick dip in the pool and hot tub, we grabbed an early dinner.

Earlier in the day, we visited another popular lunch spot - Chubby's BBQ in Emmitsburg, MD. Sat at the table David Caruso from CSI Miami sat at... funny they didn't ask us for an authographed pic :-). Chubby's ranks right up there with Winks. Cin tried the pulled pork with sauerkraut on top and a side of green beans (Chubby’s signature dish). No surprise for Shar - standard BBQ Chicken (her only option).

Throughout yesterday and today (5/22 and 5/23), we continued to meet more bikes heading to Washington DC to participate in the "Rolling Thunder Rally" - a motorcycle tribute to all vets for Memorial Day. Last year they had a half million bikes participate. This year they anticipate 850,000 bikes. It felt like we were on the outskirts of Laconia NH during bike week.

We wanted to see Josh, Betsy, and Cole in Accokeek, MD on our return trip but with all the Memorial Day traffic and the Rolling Thunder Rally that will have to be a another trip :-(.

Congrats to D & D who got married yesterday! Wishing you both many more years of happiness!!! Love you both.

Cin and Shar

p.s. We passed the 3000 mile mark yesterday!

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  1. Oh to bad we missed you :( You guys would have fit right in with Rolling Thunder! Next time.