Wednesday, May 13, 2009

East Coast Tour - May 12, 2009

Arrived Saturday in Duluth GA for an extended visit with the GA contingent of the Caldwell/Sligh family. After two weeks on the road it was exceptionally nice to spend some time resting and relaxing with family. The GA contingent consisted of my dad (visiting from MA), brother Dave, his wife Nancy, their son Jason and Nancy's sister Jeanne and her husband Dennis. Oh and we can’t forget the pets (Gwennie, Cloe, Herky, and Sadie).

Nancy and Jason had major parts in the local theater production of “TLC aka Tender Loving Care” which we attended on Mother's day followed by a family BBQ.

Sharon and Cloe (Dave's Cockatoo bird) truly bonded but Shar was unsuccessful in getting Cloe to say ”Hi Sharon” during our visit. Dave you need to keep working on that.

Dave and his 150cc scooter "Tammy Twister" escorted us out of town as we left Duluth on Tuesday.

Onward to South Carolina!!!

Cin & Shar

P.s. - Dave and Nance you have a beautiful new home. Thank you y'all again for your southern hospitality!

What's Wrong With This Picture - Shar's the One With the Sore Neck!

Dave and Shar's New Best Friend "Cloe"

Dave, Nancy, and Gwennie!!!

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