Sunday, May 3, 2009

East Coast Tour – May 3, 2009

We spent the last two days in Gettysburg relaxing, being a tourist and exploring many historic sites. Since it was pouring rain on Friday we decided to rent a car. Checked out downtown Gettysburg, the Civil War Museum in the house General Lee took over for his headquarters and drove through some of the battlefield areas. Nice lunch at Herr Publick House and Tavern...the Battle of Gettysburg began in the fields around the tavern.

Saturday morning we stopped by Battlefield Harley Davidson. They were having an open house event with demo rides, food etc.

After lunch we took a three hour guided tour of the battlefields on Segways! What a blast!!!

Originally we were planning on hitting the road Monday morning but Mother Nature is not cooperating. The forecast for today and tomorrow is heavy thunderstorms, lightning, and up to 3" of rain.

So...we've decided to stay one more day and head to Virginia early Tuesday (really). We're just taking one day at a time!!!

Safe travels for brother Dave and Dad who are on there way to Georgia. Bro Steve & Carol I hope you had a great visit with Julie & Ryan. Enjoy your Hawaiian cruise!!!

Editorial revision - we may have been too harsh in judging the Choice hotel chain as a whole. The Mt Pocono place left a lot to be desired...bad sign when Shar went to open the curtain and the entire curtain and rod (including screws) fell from the wall. With that said, we have driven by many of the Choice Hotels in Gettysburg and they looks nice. :-)

Cin & Shar

Gettysburg Battlefields - C&S show off the latest fashion in Segway helmets!


  1. recommended on drive-ins diners and dives on the food network channel. Looked AWESOME!
    Marietta Diner
    306 Cobb Parkway
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Tel: (770) 423-9390

  2. Here's one for Florida

    Keegan's Seafood Grille
    1519 Gulf Blvd.
    Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785
    Tel: (727) 596-2477