Friday, May 1, 2009

East Coast Tour – April 30, 2009

We were up bright and early. One advantage to staying at the Quality Inn, we didn't dilly dally in the morning. We couldn't wait to leave!

It was overcast and a little on the nippy side (55) when we left. The forecast for Friday was rain so we wanted to get to Gettysberg by the end of the day so we could spend a few days there.

We took mostly highways today but got off on 209 to eat lunch and met a very friendly gentleman, Bill. He and his wife are planning a trip around the U.S. next June on their Gold Wing. He suggested taking Rt 325 on our way to Gettysberg. What a hidden gem! He also told us about a website that highlights great roads for motorcycle riding in each state.

After our experience in Mt. Pocono we opted to call ahead and make reservations at the Wyndham Resort in Gettysberg for the next two days.

Upon arriving, huge smiles came across our faces. This is more like what we were looking for. The valet (Jordan) was very eager to valet park our bikes but we told him we had it covered. He was very sweet and allowed us to park our bikes under the portico knowing that rain was forecasted for Friday.

We really like this place, full restaurant and lounge, room service, massage services etc. Decided to extend our stay through the weekend so we can take in some of the local attractions.

Ended the day with dinner at the 1863 Restaurant followed by a couple of drinks in the lounge.

Life is good again!

Total Trip Miles So Far – 835 (Definitely NOT Iron Butts)

Cin & Shar

Safe and Dry!!!!


  1. I just found out that many of you may be having problems logging in to talk SMACK. You may find it easier if you go and set up a GMAIL account on Google. The HM ladies are enjoy a message today and are in no rush to leave what they say is a really nice place. (Couldn't imagine them staying in a place that doesn't have a bar.) Well hope you all find your way on and look forward to all of the good SMACK. I'm sure they are looking forward to it too.


  2. Enjoy yourself's, it's been a long time in comeing. Ride safe and we will see you in Georgia and we can all take a ride together on our motorcycles (Or so mine is a scooter 150CC but in my mind it is at least a 600CC
    Love ya both
    Brother Dave and Nancy

  3. Can't tell you how proud I am of you -- a 3 star hotel -- thought the chances of that were as likely as an overnight camping trip!! Glad you're having so much fun -- it does make me laugh when you start with -- "we decided to relax today" -- oh because otherwise it's so taxing!! Enjoy -- loving the blog.