Wednesday, April 22, 2009

East Coast Tour – April 22, 2009 (Earth Day)

We will be departing for the East Coast Tour early tomorrow morning…that is early Cindy & Sharon time (10ish). We are heading south to Windsor CT and spending the night with our friends Darlene & Denise. I want to thank Darlene for offering to post updates to the website over the next 30 day for us. The extended forecast looks fantastic. Temperatures will range from 60 to 80 degrees over the next five days with no rain in sight. Thank you Mother Nature!!!

After packing and repacking multiple times, each time eliminating things to reduce the weight on the bikes, we are finally ready! One bag each for camping equipment and one bag for clothes. Our computer finally crashed today so I am at the library posting this update. Pictures of our packs and loaded bikes will be posted tomorrow once we arrive at Darlene & Denise’s house tomorrow night.

Let the adventure begin!


  1. Bon Voyage! Safe travels and enjoy the ride!

  2. Our house was a buzz this morning with last minute preparations for the soon-to-arrive adventurers! Even Gabby was in on the action—she was warming your bed for you.

    Don't worry about:
    * What you might forget-you can always borrow or buy it
    * The girls- they will create a new daily routine and may come to like each other more
    * The house-neighbors and friends will keep an eye on it for you
    * The snoring-you will be so tired from the fresh air, awesome scenery and miles traveled you will sleep like a baby.
    * Friends & Family-we will know you are okay by following your blog entries
    * Always having to be positive in your blog entries-sometimes the weather sucks; you can't find fuel and the only food available is sealed in plastic
    * Anything-relax; be present; take in what a gift you are giving yourselves; have a blast!

  3. Hope you have "Harley Ridin Yuppies" on the iPods! Have fun

  4. I love the requirements for the campgrounds. What are the chances?