Thursday, April 16, 2009

East Coast Tour – April 16, 2009

After weeks of planning, our long awaited extended motorcycle journey is only a week away. As noted above, both Sharon & I are currently unemployed so before we begin the next chapter of our career, we decided to take advantage of having the time off to explore parts of the U.S.A.

The first decision was where to go and for how long. This was largely driven by how long we felt comfortable leaving our two kitties Buoy a.k.a. “Bad News Boo” and Keeley a.k.a “Keeleykins” (pics below). Despite having a terrific kitty sitter (thank you L.C.), these girls are very spoiled (unlike their mothers) and we haven’t been away from them for more than 10 days.

So long story short, we decided to tour the east coast from NH to Savannah, GA for four weeks. Departure date is targeted for 4/22 (Earth Day) assuming Mother Nature cooperates.

Rules of the Road we have agreed upon:

· It’s an adventure – remind ourselves it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey.

· Flexibility is key – we have mapped our route but reserve the right to change it…isn’t that a woman’s prerogative???

· Keep our sense of humor – easy to do when all is going right. Slightly more difficult in trying times (extreme cold, torrential rains, no Marriott or Westin in sight – scary thought!)

· Majority of time we’ll avoid interstates, opting for back roads in order to “enjoy the ride”. Taking the path less traveled allows us to get a better flavor for the area, often talking with locals about some of the points of interest, hot spots, or restaurants that we shouldn’t miss.

· We are bringing camping equipment (helps extend the budget) and have agreed to give it shot should all the planets align, it’s not too cold, no rain in sight, mosquitoes aren’t rampant, and lastly the campground has appropriate amenities (hot showers, pool, store that sells Becks etc).

Speaking of camping, some of our closet friends and relatives have been somewhat skeptical about the amount of camping we will actually do. So if you would like to weigh in - answer the poll question regarding the number of nights you think we will camp during our four-week journey.

Seven days and counting…


Cin & Shar

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