Monday, April 27, 2009

East Coast Tour - April 26, 2009

After bidding adieu to Denise and Darlene, we hit the rode shortly before 10 am on Saturday. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. We spent a good portion of the day exploring some of the suburbs of CT (Avon, Simsbury, Litchfield, Torrington) making our way west, and riding along portions of the Housatonic river before crossing over into NY state.

By now it was mid afternoon, the heat and humidity was rising and it was getting close to cocktail hour. After looking at the map, we set our sights on the town of Carmel. Let's just say the only thing Carmel CA and Carmel NY have in common is the name. After seeing Carmel's finest lodging accomodations (Heidi's Motorlodge) we headed to Fishkill NY and landed at the Hilton Garden Hotel at around 4:30.

We decided to lay low on Sunday for two reasons 1) Shar pinched a muscle in her neck/shoulder and needed to ice it and 2) the forecast was hot and humid with temps in the low 90's.

Spent the day relaxing, reading etc then headed to Newburgh, NY to have dinner on the riverfront (recommended by our friendly Hilton bartender). We stopped at an outside cafe overlooking the river and met Ronnie and her husband Theo, a very entertaining greek couple. He is a professional photographer and they love to travel. They recommended the Cena 2000 Restaurante & Bar for dinner. Excellent choice - Italian fine dining with a great wine selection.

Ended a lovely evening with cab driver bizarro. In the 15 min cab ride, we learned that he started working for the government when he was 11, had his PhD by the time he was 18, owned a very profitable company. Not quite sure why is he driving a cab! We only had 3 times that he nearly ran off the road.

Heading out early tomorrow towards Gettysburg PA.

Cin & Shar

No pirates on this Ship!

Shar & Cin at Ceno 2000 Restaurante & Bar

New friends Ronnie & Theo

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  1. I am laughing sooooooo hard! What??? No camping equipment? 5 star all the way is my vote! Sounds like you are off to a great start!